The purpose of this website is to reveal the Government of Sudan’s unprecedented and extreme violence against unarmed and peaceful protestors. We chased every story we could to put it all together for people, media and human rights groups on this website.

On this website you will find lists of names, pictures, stories and videos and every other bit of evidence that we could put our hands on that shows how the oppressive regime in Sudan is using violence to silence people.

We do not claim to have all the numbers as we are only volunteers and we are based in Khartoum. Numbers of those killed and tortured is certainly much higher so help us keep the website up to date by sending us any info about peaceful protestors who were killed, beaten or arrested by national security (who should be renamed national assassins) at Sudan.martyrs@gmail.com

Last but not least it’s not a matter of numbers. Every single person who got killed matters that’s why we created this page.  In 1964 it only took one martyr for the country to change the regime. The end of NCP rule is inevitable and near.


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